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Graduate Study

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Art Studio

The photography area encourages MFA candidates to approach their program of studies in an interdisciplinary manner, rigorously exploring not only photography but drawing from the wealth of resources at UNM to explore disciplines that connect to their artistic practice. The boundaries of traditional photographic practice have been expanded to include digital drawing, video, performance, and installation in recent MFA thesis exhibitions. Concept and content is expected to drive culturally engaged work.

Completing the three-year MFA program requires a firm commitment to working intensively at the highest levels of creative and intellectual capacity. Determination and exhaustive artistic and intellectual work are crucial to success. The program is rigorous, with four examinations in the first two years to ensure satisfactory progress towards a culturally significant solo exhibition, catalog, and public talk that are the culmination of the MFA program. The photography faculty is a diverse and accomplished group of artists encompassing a wide range of practice, who work closely with students to help them succeed. Individual studio practice and course work are reinforced by studio visits and mentorship from the faculty comprising each student's Committee of Studies, faculty from the department's various disciplines, and often faculty from across the university as a whole.

Every graduate student is provided a studio, and those in the photography area have 24- hour access to the photography area's state-of-the-art facilities. Extensive library holdings of photography and art monographs as well as one of the largest collections of fine-art photographs at any university museum are available in support of research. The photography area has consistently been ranked in the top 5 graduate photography programs by US News and World Report and is currently the highest ranked program at a public university.

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